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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Handling Fee

Shipping Fee is set by the shipping companies. Handling Fee is JPY1300.
Shipping fee differs depending on total weight, shipping destination, and shipping method. You can confirm the fee on the order screen. The shipping fee for each shipping method will be modified on the first day of every month.
Please see detailed information on Shipping Methods and Costs.

Shipping Method & Average Delivery Time

Items will be directly shipped from SUPER DELIVERY's warehouse to your registered address.
Every shipment is guaranteed against all transportation risks (loss, theft, damages).

  Delivery Time Features
Shipping Preparation After Shipping
(Express Mail Service)
Depends on the item.

*Time for collecting items from vendors, inspection and the export handling.
4 - 6 days Faster than air/sea mail.
Air Mail
5 - 7 days Shipped by air. Depending on weight, it is less expensive than EMS. *Invoice cannot be issued.
Sea Mail 1 - 3 months Shipped by surface. It takes 1-3 months, but the least expensive. *Invoice cannot be issued.
DHL 3 - 5 days The fastest method.
*Package over 60 kg will be shipped by DHL.

Delivery Status

Please check your Order History.

About Combined Shipments

We will not accept requests for combined shipments. However, we may choose to pack items from multiple orders together due to our warehouse's convenience. Also, we may deliver one order in separate packages. In any case, the shipping cost determined at the time of your order will not change.

Shipping Method Adjustment

Depending on your order, we may change the carrier. The shipping fee determined at the time of order will not change. Please be assured that we do not make unfavorable changes for you, such as extending the delivery time. You can see the determined carrier/tracking number in your Order History.

Limitations on the Shipping Method

  EMS Air Mail Sea Mail DHL
Accessories & Jewelry
Wrist Watches
No Ok Ok Up to
JPY 700,000
Large furniture No No No Ok
Order is over 60kg No No No Ok
Order is over
JPY 2,000,000
No No No Ok
Country/Region There may be restrictions.

Contract Terms Regarding Shipping

Contract terms regarding shipping are in accordance with each carrier's terms of use.

Shipping Address

Change of Shipping Address

If you have to change your shipping address, please apply at Update Your Account Information.
The shipping address cannot be changed after the order is placed.

Direct Delivery to Consumers

We will not ship directly to consumers. We ship your order to your registered store address only.

When Delivery Cannot be Made

If carriers inform us that it's not possible to complete delivery due to your refusal to accept, long absence, or unknown address, we may cancel your registration.
Please be aware that we can not issue a refund in such cases above.

Notes About Customs Clearance

Some items may be charged customs duties, consumption tax, and value-added tax at the time of customs clearance in destination country. Or import-banned items may be confiscated or returned. Please confirm appropriate agencies such as your local customs before making your purchase. You will be responsible for any cost associated with confiscation or suspension. Neither we nor each carrier can compensate for such cases above.