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Returns & Refunds

In the event that there are damages, contamination, loss, misdelivery or initial malfunction in the delivered items, we will normally correspond by issuing a refund via PayPal or by giving you points that you can redeem at SUPER DELIVERY. Please note that we are not able to accept the refund request by the customers' reasons.

Refund Process

1) Contact us from the following online form within 14 days after receipt.

Refund Request Form

2) Upload required documents

[Required Document]
  • A photo of exterior box at the time of delivery
  • Two photos that show the breakage/contamination status of the products
  • SD item code and number of broken/foul/lost items
  • Detailed explanation about damage, contamination, loss

3) Select refund method

  • SD Points
  • PayPal (Please specify the email address that you will receive the refund)
  • We may issue a refund by the original payment method.

4) After checking the above information, we will issue a refund.

5) We will contact you with the registered email address to inform you of the completion of the refund process.

Please note that we are not able to issue a refund in the following cases:
  • When the required documents are insufficient.
  • When we do not receive your refund request within 14 days after delivery.
  • When the damage is expected to occur due to the characteristics of the product.

About Refund Amount and Refund Date

Regardless of the original payment method, we normally issue a refund by SD Points or PayPal.
The refund amount will be the amount of product price and Shipping & Handling Fee. However, if there is no shipping cost difference, only the product price will be refunded.

1. Refund with SD Points

After confirming the document, we will give you SD points within 3 business days.



Product price: JPY 8,000 Shipping & Handling Fee: JPY 2,000

Damage type

Whole loss

Refund request date

July 1st

Refund date

Around July 4th

Refund amount

Points equivalent to JPY 10,000. You can redeem it at the next purchase.

2. Refund via PayPal

After confirming the document, we will issue a refund within two weeks.



Product price: JPY 8,000 Shipping & Handling Fee: JPY 2,000

Damage type

Product price JPY 1,000 & Shipping difference None

Refund request date

July 1st

Refund date

Around July 15th

Refund amount

JPY 1,000 (refund in Japanese Yen)


  • SD Points can be used when you choose a credit card for the payment method.
  • Foreign exchange conversion fee and receipt fee will be borne by the customer.
  • Due to the foreign exchange rates, differences may occur between the original payment amount and the refund amount.
  • The maximum refund amount for one order is the original payment amount in Japanese Yen.
  • We are not able to refund the costs other than what we charge, such as customs duties, value added tax, or consumption tax of your country.

About Cancellation

If your order is still in "Processing" state on your Order History, you can request cancellation from the cancellation request button. The cancellation may not be accepted if the vendor already shipped your order.

After the shipping process from the vendor is completed (Shipping Soon on Order History), you cannot cancel for any reason.
To confirm the current shipping status, please refer to Order History.