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Vendor Profile


Address 6-11-2 Kaminoshima-cho-Kita Yao-shi Osaka, JAPAN ZIP:581-0845
Representative Name YOSHITAKE OGIHARA
Annual Revenue JPY 250,000,000
No. of Employees 24
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*Image reproduction before purchase is prohibited

Navy Series Rum Shoulder Okayama Denim

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Item added on: 2022/9/22
H16 x W25.5 x D7
Approx. 155g
Shoulder length: 72-138
Shoulder rise: 34-70
Opening: Zipper type
Front: 1 Zipper Pocket
Inside: 2 open pockets

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Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Outer fabric: cotton (one-washed denim)
Lining: Nylon
Attachment: Polypropylene
Package: Individual Packaging
Product tag: Attached
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Denim produced in Ibara, Okayama Prefecture, known as the sacred land of denim, is used. Ibara City has been a flourishing cotton grower since the Edo period, and its reputation for [indigo-dyed thick fabrics] spread throughout the country, laying the foundation for the current textile industry in Ibara. This product is a luxurious denim Jacquard bag with lame yarn woven into it, plus ease of use for daily use. This shoulder bag has a length:width ratio of [1:1.6], which is said to be the golden ratio of bags, and is very well balanced and suitable for everyone.

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PANCREATION Co.,Ltd.FashionBags & WalletsBagsShoulder Bags
*Image reproduction before purchase is prohibited
*Image reproduction before purchase is prohibited