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Address 1541-1 Nakazone Yoshikawashi Saitama, JAPAN ZIP:342-0033
Representative Name TAKEHISA KUDO
Annual Revenue JPY 1,200,000,000
No. of Employees 90
 4.6(225 answers)
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SD item code:11014491

Detail Price & Quantity
*Purchase limit 3 sets [My Neighbor Totoro] Plushie Badge Large Totoro 884433
※購入制限3セットまで 【となりのトトロ】 ぬいぐるみバッジ 大トトロ 884433
(lj09k8844) JAN:4974475884433

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set Sold Out
*Purchase limit 3 sets [My Neighbor Totoro] Plushie Badge Middle Totoro 884532
※購入制限3セットまで 【となりのトトロ】 ぬいぐるみバッジ 中トトロ 884532
(lj09k8845) JAN:4974475884532

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
*Purchase limit 3 sets [My Neighbor Totoro] Plushie Badge: Small Totoro 884631
※購入制限3セットまで 【となりのトトロ】 ぬいぐるみバッジ 小トトロ 884631
(lj09k8846) JAN:4974475884631

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
*Purchase limit 3 sets [My Neighbor Totoro] plushie badge Krosuke 884730
※購入制限3セットまで 【となりのトトロ】 ぬいぐるみバッジ クロスケ 884730
(lj09k8847) JAN:4974475884730

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set Sold Out
*Purchase limit 3 sets [My Neighbor Totoro] Plushie Badge: Cat Bus 884839
※購入制限3セットまで 【となりのトトロ】 ぬいぐるみバッジ ネコバス 884839
(lj09k8848) JAN:4974475884839

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2023/1/5
Large Totoro: W15 x H15 x D13cm
Medium Totoro:W14 x H15 x D12cm
Small Totoro:W14 x H15 x D11cm
Kurosuke:W10 x H9 x D5cm
Cat Bus:W11 x H11 x D18cm
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: Main materials: polyester, iron, ABS, copper


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Sea Mail From Nov.2nd to Jan.10th
Air Mail From Oct.17th to Oct.19th
EMS From Oct.16th to Oct.19th
Pantos Express From Oct.18th to Oct.23rd
DHL From Oct.16th to Oct.18th
UPS From Oct.16th to Oct.18th
FedEx From Oct.16th to Oct.18th
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