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Fragrance: prairie (Sougen)
A moment when you sleep in the meadow and stay sunbathe and sunbathe ... I am finishing it in a nostalgic scent somewhere.
Top: Fresh lemon, Reef green, Eucalyptus
Middle: Cinnamon, Rose, Gardenia
Last: Sandal Suite, Cedarwood, Musk

■ water color
Grassland (Sougen) 【Light Green】

Fusion of polished Japanese skill and scent

Kanazawa is the area that produces most of the gilt in Japan.
Gilt, silver foil and platinum foil hit in Kanazawa are collectively called Kanazawa Foil.

× kanazawa luxuriously uses the gold leaf made with the traditional technique which continued from the Edo period.
I locked in jelly wax. A fantastic candle with gold leaf dancing.
You have a special time ...

A fantastic candle with gold leaf dancing.

The tight boxes come with a watering draw corresponding to each scent.
Because water tie is bound by Awaji knot, it is also active as a gift.

Kyarainnovate kou character innovation traditional craft bridal aroma candle gold leaf candle

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Gold Leaf Candle Grassland

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Gold Leaf Candle Grassland (Sougen)(1 Pc )
金箔キャンドル 草原(Sougen)(1点)
1 pieces /set In Stock
Gold Leaf Candle Grassland (Sougen)(6 Pcs )
金箔キャンドル 草原(Sougen)(6点)
6 pieces /set In Stock
[ Tester ] We will refuse orders for testers only Gold Leaf Candle Grassland (Sougen)1 Pc
【現品テスター】テスターのみの発注はお断りします 金箔キャンドル 草原(Sougen)1点
1 pieces /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2012/7/17
Outer Box (H90 W 82 D82)/Main Unit (H80 DIA. W 67) Internal capacity : 150g
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: ■Package : Individual box
Year of manufacture: 2012
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Shipping Method Delivery Time
Before Shipping After Shipping
Sea Mail About 1 week 20 - 60 days
Air Mail 4 - 7 days
EMS 3 - 6 days
DHL 2 - 5 days
*Some delivery methods may not be available depending on the product or the weight.

Some trading conditions may be applicable only in Japan.

【how to use】
Please light the candle and spread the attached candle cover underneath.
After a while the scent spreads in the room.
Please attach the charm attached to the package to your candle to the candle cover according to your preference.

【Notes on transaction】
・ Please cooperate with the manufacturer's retail price for selling prices such as over-the-counter sales and net sales.
・ We refuse sales at auction.
・ The color of the item being posted may differ slightly from the actual ones depending on the environment of your PC.

【Precautions for use】
・ Please be careful when handling fire. Please put the candle out of the box before lighting the fire.
・ Please do not use it near flaky items, easy to fall, on electric appliances, on desks or floors that are sensitive to heat.
・ During burning, immediately after digestion the container is hot, so please handle with care enough.

・ Burning time is approximate and may vary depending on the environment.
Also, because of handmade, the colors, shapes, amounts and other expressions are different. Please be forewarned. Please do not use for purposes other than

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