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Vender Profile


Address 1-4 Sembachuo Osakashichuoku Osaka, JAPAN ZIP:541-0055
Representative Name MASANORI SEN
Annual Revenue JPY 1,240,000,000
No. of Employees 50
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CERAMIC  rim  Bowl ( L)
CERAMIC リム ボウル(L)

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1 pc /set In Stock
CERAMIC  rim  Bowl ( M)
CERAMIC リム ボウル(M)

Wholesale Price: Members Only

2 pcs /set In Stock
CERAMIC  rim  Bowl ( S)
CERAMIC リム ボウル(S)

Wholesale Price: Members Only

2 pcs /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2016/2/5
( L) DIA. 17x H11cm
( M) DIA. 15x H9.5cm
( S) DIA. 12.5x H8cm
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: CERAMIC   SHIGARAKI Ware
Package: Individual Packaging
Product tag: None



Estimated Arrival
Shipping Method Estimated Arrival
Sea Mail From Feb.16th to Apr.22nd
Air Mail From Jan.28th to Feb.1st
EMS From Jan.27th to Feb.1st
Pantos Express From Jan.31st to Feb.3rd
DHL From Jan.27th to Jan.31st
UPS From Jan.27th to Jan.31st
FedEx From Jan.27th to Jan.31st
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Some trading conditions may be applicable only in Japan.

■ I am shooting in an environment where the original colors appear, but the colors differ from the actual colors in the environment of each computer.
Please order after understanding.

■ Because it is mainly handmade, individual differences may occur in size and texture.
For products that are extremely different in size, we will replace them after confirming them.
Regarding the texture, the replacement product will be the same.

■ In addition, please check the quality display tag for each product.

■ If you order a reserved item and an instant delivery item together, only the instant delivery item will be shipped first unless otherwise stated.
If the shipping dates are different, shipping charges may be incurred for each.
If you wish to bundle it, please contact us by noon on the scheduled shipping date.


■ Cannot be used in direct fire or oven ■ Cannot be used in microwave oven or dishwasher

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Vender Profile
SHISEIHANBAIDaily NecessitiesPlates & Utensils/Kitchen ProductsPlates & UtensilsBowls

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