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Is a culotte pants with a big ribbon before. West is also convenient to wear off because the rubber.

[2017 Spring Summer] ribbon pants

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2017 S/S Ribbon Pants

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SD item code:5336172

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Beige  80cm
キナリ 80cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Beige  90cm
キナリ 90cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Beige  100cm
キナリ 100cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Beige  110cm
キナリ 110cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Beige  120cm
キナリ 120cm
1 pieces /set Sold Out
Beige  130cm
キナリ 130cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Beige  140cm
キナリ 140cm
1 pieces /set Sold Out
Navy  80cm
コン 80cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Navy  90cm
コン 90cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Navy  100cm
コン 100cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Navy  110cm
コン 110cm
1 pieces /set In Stock
Navy  120cm
コン 120cm
1 pieces /set Sold Out
Navy  130cm
コン 130cm
1 pieces /set Sold Out
Navy  140cm
コン 140cm
1 pieces /set Sold Out
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Item added on: 2017/3/21
Size expansion :

Display Size   reference age    Height    weight     Hats & Cap     Shoes ・Socks
50 - 70    Newborn    60cm   5kg    46cm     8〜11cm
70      6Months     70cm   9kg    46cm     9〜12cm
80       1years     80cm   11kg   48cm     11〜13cm
90       2years     90cm   13kg   50cm      12〜14cm
95       3years     95cm   14kg   52cm     13〜15cm
100      3〜4years   95〜105cm  -    52cm     14〜16cm
110      5〜6years   105〜115cm  -   54cm     17〜18cm
120      7〜8years   115〜125cm  -   54cm     19〜20 cm
130      9〜10years   125〜135cm  -   56cm    21〜22cm
140     11〜12years   135〜145cm   -    56cm    22〜24cm

* About size inscription only indication will be Please Note
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: Main Unit Polyester 100%
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2017
Product tag: Attached
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Shipping Method Delivery Time
Before Shipping After Shipping
Sea Mail About 1 week 20 - 60 days
Air Mail 4 - 7 days
EMS 3 - 6 days
DHL 2 - 5 days
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3. shade of the product, the environment and the like that are not to your visit,
Please understand that it might be slightly different from the real thing.

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