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Vender Profile

Neowing Corporation LifeStyle division

Address 1-10-15 Nihombashihoridomecho Chuoku Tokyo, JAPAN ZIP:103-0012
Representative Name FUMIO KATAGIRI
Annual Revenue JPY 3,600,000,000
No. of Employees 50
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Item added on: 2017/5/11
Petty Knife 10: 210mm (Blade Length 105 ) Petty Knife 15: 250mm (Blade Length 150 )Greens cut Japanese Cooking Knife : 290mm (Blade Length 170 ) Santoku Bocho (Japanese Kitchen Knives) : 300mm (Blade Length 180 )bread Knife : 330mm (Blade Length 210 )Cow sword 21: 330 (Blade Length 210 ) Muscle pull Japanese Cooking Knife : 360 ( Blade Length 240 ) Cow sword 24: 365mm (Blade Length 240 )
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: 0



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The polishing work of craftsmen by hand craftsmen finishes each one in a different pattern

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Neowing Corporation LifeStyle divisionDaily NecessitiesPlates & Utensils/Kitchen ProductsCooking ApparatusesJapanese Kitchen Knives/KnivesSantoku Bocho (Japanese Kitchen Knives)

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