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Basket bag full of luxurious feeling corresponding to happy A4 size appeared!
With flap, metal fitting attached to the tip of the belt is a point ◎
Beautiful design is adult cute feminine summer seems to be a combination of different materials.
Must-have items for this year's fashionable! It is a basket bag that is perfect for commuting to school!

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Material Bag Flap Attached Belt A4 Tote Bag

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Item added on: 2017/6/12
Width : About 35cm / Height : About 30cm / Gusset Width : About 15cm / Weight : About 620g Inside Pocket
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: Main Unit : Polypropylene Flap ・Belt ・Handle Part : artificial leather ( * Blue Denim Denim )
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2017
Product tag: Attached
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