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Vender Profile


Address 884 Nishiachichonishibara Kurashikishi Okayama, JAPAN ZIP:710-8501
Representative Name HIDEYASU HAGIHARA
Annual Revenue
No. of Employees 170
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SD item code:6920782

Detail Price & Quantity
About 60 x 90cm
(240611150) JAN:4.95587E+12

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1 pc /set In Stock
About 80 x 150cm
(240611160) JAN:4.95587E+12

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2019/6/13
About 60 x 90cm
About 80 x 150cm
Country of manufacture: Turkey
Material / component: 100% polypropylene
■Pile length : About 39mm
■The number of knots : 15,200 knots
Heat-set processing
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2019
Product tag: Attached



Estimated Arrival
Shipping Method Estimated Arrival
Sea Mail From Jul.31st to Sep.5th
Air Mail From Jul.12th to Jul.17th
EMS From Jul.11th to Jul.17th
Pantos Express From Jul.16th to Jul.19th
DHL From Jul.11th to Jul.16th
UPS From Jul.11th to Jul.16th
*Some delivery methods may not be available depending on the product or the weight.
*UPS and the UPS logo are trademarks that are used with permission by the owner, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Some trading conditions may be applicable only in Japan.

【Regarding delivery】

■ This product is available for direct delivery to consumers.
If there is a shipping address to the consumer, you can register the shipping address on the screen when ordering.
Please register additional shipping destinations at multiple shipping address registration functions and place an order.
In the field of retail store message, please indicate the effect of "send".
※ We can not accept delivery date and time designation.
※ Delivery address additional registration is here (after login)
■ In the case of direct delivery of the consumer, I have obtained the postage +500 yen. Please note.
■ The first free shipping is excluded in case of [Okinawa ・ remote island] and [consumer direct shipping].

■ We will deliver it in a round roll. You can use it without worrying about folds.

[About the image]

・ Products may look different depending on the monitor.

-The single item image uses about 160 x 230 cm.

・ Image uses lag size.

[Precautions on use]

・ If used in a place, the carpet rug itself may fall over. In particular, when laying on a slippery floor surface such as a wooden floor, please put a non-slip sheet etc.
-Due to the nature of the product, some hair may come out, but there is no problem in use.
It is recommended to vacuum the machine for long use. With the passage of time, the number of free hair decreases.
・ Make sure to stretch the carpet as soon as possible. If left unchecked, it will affect the whole, impair the aesthetics and may cause a fall accident. In particular, slack in the stairs is likely to lead to a fall accident caused by a stumbling block and caution is required.
・ The pile may change color in places exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Protect the sun with curtains and blinds.
-Due to the nature of the product, there may be a smell specific to the material, but after a while it will fade naturally.
・ Spraying insect repellents, insecticides, disinfectants, etc. directly on the carpet may cause the pile to change color.

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Vender Profile
HAGIHARA & CO.,LTDFurniture & InteriorFabrics & RugsRugs/MatsDoormats

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