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Vender Profile

WINE KINGDOM Publishing Inc.

Address Sanhoriberu4F, 5-12-11 Kamiyouga Setagaya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN ZIP:158-0098
Representative Name Tomoyuki Harada
Annual Revenue closed
No. of Employees 40
Web Site URL

SD item code:7383275

Detail Price & Quantity
Wine Wang Country  2019year November No.  No.11 3
ワイン王国 2019年11月号 No.113
(20191981511) JAN:4910198151193

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Item added on: 2019/10/8
A4judgment Deformation
Vertical 297mm x Width 225mm x Thickness 10mm
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Paper
Year of manufacture: 2019
Product tag: None



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Shipping Method Estimated Arrival
Sea Mail From Nov.20th to Dec.25th
Air Mail From Nov.1st to Nov.6th
EMS From Oct.31st to Nov.6th
Pantos Express From Nov.5th to Nov.8th
DHL From Oct.31st to Nov.5th
UPS From Oct.31st to Nov.5th
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Delivery company: Yamato Transport ※ You can not specify the delivery company.
* Despite the total amount of 10,000 yen (excluding tax) at the time of ordering, we will pay the shipping fee if it is less than 10,000 yen due to out of stock.
■ Important Notice This book is a resale price maintenance system, and the law allows publishers to specify the selling price.
We ask that you also protect the sales at the age specified by us.
In the unlikely event that you do not protect, we will cancel the transaction.
Please note.

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WINE KINGDOM Publishing Inc.BooksMagazines

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