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Vender Profile

Down to Earth Inc.

Address 3-18-30 Asagayaminami Suginami-ku Tokyo, JAPAN ZIP:166-0004
Representative Name Maha Yamanaka
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One-piece Dress Purple Floret Pattern Thick Pile Fabric

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Item added on: 2020/1/10
* This way please. orders production production 品will be
XS / S / M / L / LLの5Size expansion Sleeve Length Short Sleeve / Three-Quarter Length Sleeve / Long Sleeve choose 頂け
注writing 頂いてから2 weeks ( Saturday And Sunday Congratulation day including ) Shipment will be
( multiple 枚のpurchase case Fabric stock Foot りなくbecome Possible 性もThere そのcase folding return contact 致し)

Each Size indication
・XSize S
Shoulder Width : About 3 4cm
Bust surroundings : About 8 1cm
Waist surroundings : About 72cm
total length : About 99cm
Sleeve Length : Long Sleeve 53.5cm Three-Quarter Length Sleeve 37.5cm Short Sleeve 17cm

・Size S
Shoulder Width : About 3 5cm
Bust surroundings : About 8 5cm
Waist surroundings : About 75cm
total length : About 99cm
Sleeve Length : Long Sleeve 55cm Three-Quarter Length Sleeve 38cm Short Sleeve 17.5cm

・Size M
Shoulder Width : About 3 6.5cm
Bust surroundings : About 8 9cm
Waist surroundings : About 79cm
total length : About 101 .5cm
Sleeve Length : Long Sleeve 56cm Three-Quarter Length Sleeve 39.5cm Short Sleeve 18cm

・Size L
Shoulder Width : About 3 8cm
Bust surroundings : About 92cm
Waist surroundings : About 8 2.5 cm
total length : About 104 cm
Sleeve Length : Long Sleeve 56.5cm Three-Quarter Length Sleeve 40.5 cm Short Sleeve 18.5cm

・Size LL
Shoulder Width : About 3 9.5cm
Bust surroundings : About 96cm
Waist surroundings : About 8 6cm
total length : About 105 .5cm
Sleeve Length : Long Sleeve 56.5cm Three-Quarter Length Sleeve 41cm Short Sleeve 18.5cm

* [ total length ] Behind Neckline Middle Skirt hem のdistance 測定してい
* the above all アーMish Wind Simple One-piece Dress Common indication size will be one sheet by Hand production 業で裁断・sewing をしているのでPcs 体によって1-3cm around 差がto arise Possible 性がある旨Please Note

* +1364Circle order メードがPossible
3L that's all Size Neckline Design 変更Skirt length 変更Such order Use してい
希Nozomi 方はcontact ください
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: 100% polyester% ( Home Your laundry Possible Surface Pile over Absent ようにBack return してNet to put in 事をrecommended し)
Package: Individual Packaging
Product tag: None



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Down to Earth Inc.

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