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Vender Profile

Vender Profile


Address 3F minamiootuka2-11-10 tosimaku Tokyo, JAPAN ZIP:170-0005
Representative Name HONGKAI YE
Annual Revenue JPY 5,000,000
No. of Employees 1
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SD item code:9243601

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Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2021/3/19
120cm x 120cm
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: Material : Surface : Nylon ( Skin-friendly Processed )
back : Slip prevention Effect Attached Non-woven Cloth ( Heat retention 性breathability )

●Nylon characteristic Stretch strength especially Large きくWater 濡れてもそのstrength ほとんどchange まTo do Also medicine 品oil カビやInsect 害をreceived Absent 点もcharacteristic が屈to bend 弾性friction strength Others fiber compared to 格Stage 優れしたがってendurance 力がsoldier Economical 途をcenter Wide くfor いられてい Material characteristic walking amount many 場所―廊下floor Stage Hall Such 適していNylon 問題点としてはStatic electricity 気が起こりやすくピRing ( wool Ball ) できやすい( 紡績String case ) high temperature soft 化溶融したりWhite 物はUv Yellow 変し
Nylon     characteristic  
polishing cut れ強さ  excellence
endure Heta リ性能  富む
parent Aqueous 能    僅Crab soldier
dirt fall     Standard
flaming fire 性     Hono melting る
Kimono Belt 電性     easy to
Insect Repellent 性     Insect not stick
antifungal 性    侵されがred snapper
wool Ball       short fiber できる length fiber 出にくい
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2020
Product tag: None
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FedEx From May.27th to May.31st
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Vender Profile
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