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Vendor Profile

Address 2479-3 Shintoumura-arai Kitagunnmagun Gunma, JAPAN ZIP:370-3503
Representative Name Takao Shimizu
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Rikyu Shigaraki

"Rikyu taste" that inherits the heart of Sen no Rikyu
* Faucet fittings are not included

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White mud Thousand crest Mr ( White From To do Pattern ) 330

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Item added on: 2021/6/14
W330 XD330 XH120
weight 3.0Kg
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: SHIGARAKI Ware ・Pottery
Package: Individual box


Rikyu Shigaraki

"Rikyu taste" that inherits the heart of Sen no Rikyu
* Faucet fittings are not included

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Sea Mail From Aug.3rd to Oct.11th
Air Mail From Jul.15th to Jul.20th
EMS From Jul.14th to Jul.20th
Pantos Express From Jul.19th to Jul.22nd
DHL From Jul.14th to Jul.19th
UPS From Jul.14th to Jul.19th
FedEx From Jul.14th to Jul.19th
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Precautions on how to install the hand wash bowl
[Rikyu Shigaraki hand-washing pot is the price of all works with a round pot drain plug. ]
Drainage metal fittings SAN --EI: PH31-25 Round bowl drainage plug For pipe diameter 25 mm Product material: Brass: NBR: SBR Drainage from other companies
It may be changed to a water fitting.
● This work will be a stationary type or an embedded type, please be careful about the installation method.
Precautions when using a hand wash bowl
This work is a Shigaraki ware. Please handle with care as it is a cracked item.
● Be sure to seal the connection part of the water pipe. Leakage may cause property damage that wets household goods.
● Depending on the work, please be careful about the roughness of the surface and inner surface.
● Be careful not to wash heavy objects or subject them to strong impacts with hard objects. There is a risk of damage.
● Be careful not to get injured when handling the product if it is damaged.
● Please be aware of the handling precautions when using the product with children.
About care
● Since this work is an earthenware, it is a little easier to get dirty than a ceramic washbasin.
The washbasin is processed so that it does not get dirty easily.
● If it gets dirty, apply a neutral detergent to an old toothbrush and rub it to clean it.
About delivery date, quality, custom-made works
● If it is out of stock, please wait for about 1 month.
● For requests for custom-made works, we will inform you of the quotation and delivery date.
● Since each hand-washing bowl is handmade, the color tone, shape, and size may differ slightly depending on the kiln.
● The number of works per month is limited due to the reproduction using natural clay such as precious straw ash.

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Vender Profile
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*Image reproduction prohibited