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Address 84 Aioi-cho Chiba-shi Wakaba-ku Chiba, JAPAN ZIP:264-0031
Representative Name Ei Sakuma
Annual Revenue JPY 4,500,000,000
No. of Employees 70
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SD item code:9642118

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[ 3 business days degree shipment ] Lighting Pad 8.5 Inch
(HRN-386) JAN:4560409631862

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48 pcs /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2021/7/30
About H22.5 x W14.5 x D0.5 cm ( body size )
About H23x W15x D1cm ( Package Size )
weight : About 110 g
power source : Button battery CR2016
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: HIPS
Estimated Arrival
Shipping Method Estimated Arrival
DHL From Oct.8th to Oct.12th
UPS From Oct.8th to Oct.12th
FedEx From Oct.8th to Oct.12th
*Some delivery methods may not be available depending on the product or the weight.
*UPS and the UPS logo are trademarks that are used with permission by the owner, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Some trading conditions may be applicable only in Japan.

■ About ordering ■
Depending on the product, we will ship from 1 item, but the multiplication rate will change depending on the quantity you can order, so please feel free to contact us.

■ About returns and exchanges ■
After the product arrives, please inspect the quantity and damaged products.
Please check the terms and conditions carefully as we may not be able to accept returns after one week.

■ Please note that the dimensions and weight may vary depending on the measurement method.

■ Depending on your monitor environment, the appearance of colors may differ slightly from the actual product. Please note that.

■ About inventory ■
Although we pay close attention to inventory management, we share inventory with general wholesalers, it takes time to update inventory adjustments on the system, and there is a possibility that we will receive orders while out of stock. There is.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but in that case we will contact you by e-mail etc. Thank you for your understanding.

[Notes when buyers export overseas]

* Please allow the buyer to fully inspect the product before exporting it overseas.

We are not liable for any shortage, product defects, quality defects, etc. after the product arrives in Japan and is exported overseas.
(It is specified in our transaction terms.)

If the product is inspected in Japan and there is a defect,
Please contact us within 7 days.
We will respond to returns, exchanges, additional shipments, etc.


[When exporting overseas with SD export]

* Please contact Super Delivery from the following for procedures in case of defective products such as damage or loss.

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