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Vender Profile

Himalayanet corporation

Address 8-18 Agui-cho Usaka Jogaido Chita-gun Aichi, JAPAN ZIP:470-2212
Representative Name Naoki Sakakibara
Annual Revenue closed
No. of Employees closed

SD item code:9779614

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1 pc /set In Stock

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2021/10/11
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: ■Pcs People 宅へはdelivery Can not do laundry. Shop people 法People people required Pcs People 事業owner でもFine Also Hokkaido Okinawa 離Shima は配達できAbsent Product ■Expansion formula Height 変更Possible ! fly 沫infection countermeasure ! ■総High : 1400 -2500mm Base : 340 x 280mm Hanger part : L400mm Clip Movable Part L360mm Material : Main Unit : Steel pipe Clip : PS weight About 3 .3kgnote : Clip About 10mm Thickness 挟めClip Tip inside With Non-Slip き
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Himalayanet corporation

Vender Profile
Himalayanet corporationFurniture & InteriorFurnitureDividers/Partitions

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