Import Nishijin-ori Silk Shell type Pouch Braid Handle Dazzle Paint Checkered Made in Japan from Japan at wholesale prices

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Vender Profile

Vender Profile

Atelier Kyoto Nishijin

Address KRP Building No.4 F3,KRP BIZ NEXT 93,Awata-cho,Chudo-ji Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto-shi Kyoto, JAPAN ZIP:600-8815
Representative Name Shinji Sakamoto
Annual Revenue closed
No. of Employees closed
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ANN-0103 -01 Black Dazzle Paint
ANN-0103-01 ブラック迷彩
(ANN-0103-01 ブラック迷彩)
(ANN-0103-01 ブラック迷彩) JAN:4570073821094

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
ANN-0103 -02 Blue Dazzle Paint
ANN-0103-02 ブルー迷彩
(ANN-0103-02 ブルー迷彩)
(ANN-0103-02 ブルー迷彩) JAN:4570073821100

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
ANN-0103 -03 Red Dazzle Paint
ANN-0103-03 レッド迷彩
(ANN-0103-03 レッド迷彩)
(ANN-0103-03 レッド迷彩) JAN:4570073821117

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
ANN-0103 -04 Brown Dazzle Paint
ANN-0103-04 ブラウン迷彩
(ANN-0103-04 ブラウン迷彩)
(ANN-0103-04 ブラウン迷彩) JAN:4570073821124

Wholesale Price: Members Only

1 pc /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2021/11/29
Size : Height 13cm x Width 20cm x Gusset 6cm    
Weight : About 50g
Specification  Out Side :none /inside :Open pocket x 1
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Outer Material :pure silk
Lining :Rayon
Braid Handle :pure silk
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2021
Product tag: None



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* If you rub it strongly while it is wet, the color may fade. If it gets wet, do not rub it, but use a dry cloth to remove moisture and dry it well before use.

* This product uses a very delicate woven fabric. If you scratch it strongly with a sharp object, it will be scratched and will not heal, so please be careful.

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Atelier Kyoto Nishijin

Vender Profile
Atelier Kyoto NishijinFashionBags & WalletsSmall Bags & WalletsPouches/CasesPouches
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