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that you cannot find anywhere else

  • Traditional

    You'll find Japanese traditional kitchenware such as "Mino-Yaki", "Kutani-Yaki" and Edo-Kiriko.
    In addtion, Kimono, Daruma, and Manekineko, which are rarely found anywehre else are also available in SUPER DELIVERY.

  • Kawaii

    You'll find a variety of Kawaii character goods such as Shiba Inu and Cat stuffed toy, etc... Also, there many items with cute patterns like flower, dots and so on.

  • Anime/Manga

    You'll find many goods from both recent booming anime like "Demon Slayer", and classic popular anime such as "Pokemon" and "Doraemon".

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It is able to easily buy the Japanese brand we were looking for.

niconeko zakkaya LCC

It became simple to buy wholesale from several brands in Japan.

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You can find unique and various new items that you couldn't find by yourself before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How does SUPER DELIVERY work?
A With our service, the SUPER DELIVERY site, the vendor, the export warehouse and the delivery service is working together to deliver the products to you.
After you order on SUPER DELIVERY, the vendor ships the products out to the SUPER DELIVERY's export warehouse in Japan.
If the products arrive at the SUPER DELIVERY's export warehouse, we take a process of export from Japan and ship the products by the shipping methods you selected.
Q Is there a mimimum of quantity?
A Basically, you can purchase from 1 item. However, the minimum of quantity is set by each vendor. Please refer to the product page for details.
Q Which courier service are you using to ship to the USA?
A We currently have Sea Mail, EMS, DHL, UPS, and FedEx.
Q How can I pay?
A It is available to make a payment with credit cards, PayPal, or TT (telegraphic transfer).
Q How much does it cost for shipping?
A The shipping fee will be calculated from the weight of the products.
Please refer to the following page for details.
Q How do returns work?
A In the event that there are damages, please send us your refund request within 14 days after delivery.
We will normally correspond by issuing a refund via PayPal or by giving you points that you can redeem at SUPER DELIVERY.

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