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Large Order Supported by SD
A large order should be the total amount of JPY 2,000,000 or more (USD 15,000).
SUPER DELIVERY is here to support your large order.
  • Negotiation with vendors
  • Proposal for the most suitable shipping method
  • Confirmation of the item list and shipping cost
  • Shipping & Receive




Company / Shop NameRequired

Contact PersonRequired


Preferred Delivery DateRequired


Upload Order Products

Download and use the template file. Excel Format File
  • To deliver products by container in bulk, large orders are limited under the condition of 3 suppliers or fewer and the total product amount JPY 2,000,000 or more.
  • If you cannot download the template file, please fill the information below on the following box. Please make sure to include the following:
    - information to identify the item (JAN code, URL, item name)
    - quantity
    - price per piece (JPY)