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Entrance*Entrance*Graduation ceremony. Various events.

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Made of polyester (with strings) W9000xH1800mm, 2.0kg Polyester: Thin fabric allows the other side to show through when mounted. It is less prone to wrinkling than cotton.
ポリエステル製(紐付き)W9000xH1800mm、2.0kg ポリエステル:薄手の生地のため、取付した場合向こう側が透けます。綿に比べてしわになりにくいです。
(JK-9) JAN:4965719940091

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Item added on: 2022/2/26
JK-9: Made of polyester (with strings) W9000xH1800mm, 2.0kg
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Polyester: Thinner fabric, so the other side will show through when attached. It is less prone to wrinkling than cotton.
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2023
Product tag: Attached


Entrance*Entrance*Graduation ceremony. Various events.

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