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Kaisei-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Address 3-5 Ichigayasadoharacho Shinjukuku Tokyo, JAPAN ZIP:162-8450
Representative Name MASAKI IMAMURA
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No. of Employees 40
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Finally goal close of Luke. However, in order to get the relics, I know that you do not must pay a big sacrifice there.

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TOMMY ・DONBABANDO production  Fushimi Misao Translation  HYOUKO NOSUKE Picture
トミー・ドンババンド作 伏見 操訳 ヒョーゴノスケ絵
(No.521760) JAN:978-4-03-521760-2

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Item added on: 2016/11/21
19cm x 13cm 182 Page
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Paper
Product tag: Attached


Finally goal close of Luke. However, in order to get the relics, I know that you do not must pay a big sacrifice there.


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