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Address 3-5-18 Noda Okayamashikitaku Okayama, JAPAN ZIP:700-0971
Representative Name EISUKE SATO
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Denim Style Beautiful Legs All Year All

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Item added on: 2019/1/18
■Size (unit :About cm )
[ S/M/L/LL]
Waist [ 67/70/73/76]
Hip [ 86/89/92/95]
Leg Width Width [ 26/27/28/29]
before Crotch [ 23.5 /24/24.5 /25]
Later Crotch [ 34.5 /35/35.5/36]
hem width [ 14/14.5 /15/15.5 ]
inseam length [ 67/67/67/67]
total length (About )[ 90.5/91/91.5 /92]

Model : 159cm  M wearing size

* W-4498C[ Color Twill ] The slightly Size 差There is a
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: Beautiful Legs making はこれしかAbsent ! !

Original Material !

It extends well Tightly 戻るStandard ようでNow と全く違う理論のDenim

String making reinforcement しているん
String reinforcement Open 発しているのでexcellent durability soldier

ジャブジャブwashing もStyle up

Body fabric : Cotton 70%  Polyester 28%  2% polyurethane

伸Zhang 回復にexcellent Denim
Large きくelongation キックbag strong のがcharacteristic
span String coil state Ultra-Fine Polyester yarn winding with てreinforcement していので
span String 劣化が進みにくいexcellent Material ! !

Size :  loose /Fair / ●tight
Expansion and contraction of the fabric :  No Package / weak / Fair / ●strong
The thickness of the fabric :  Spring for summer / ●All-season orientation / Fall orientation
Sense of sheer fabric :  No Package
Lining :  No Package
Country of origin :  China

Model : 159cm  M wearing size

Package: Individual Transparency In Package
Year of manufacture: 2019
Product tag: Attached



Estimated Arrival
Shipping Method Estimated Arrival
Sea Mail From Dec.11th to Jan.17th
Air Mail From Nov.25th to Nov.27th
EMS From Nov.22nd to Nov.27th
Pantos Express From Nov.26th to Nov.29th
DHL From Nov.22nd to Nov.26th
UPS From Nov.22nd to Nov.26th
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Some trading conditions may be applicable only in Japan.

※ It is all flat type size. Please understand that there are some errors from the measuring method difference.
※ For handling, please check with the quality display attached to the product.
※ There are individual differences in the texture of the texture and hue expressions, the shades may vary depending on the environment.
※ Model wearing photographs may also include outdoor photography,

It may differ slightly from the actual color.
* Depending on the monitor environment of your computer, it may look different from the actual color.
※ We can not accept complaints such as different colors. Thank you for your note after acknowledgment.

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SATOYASU SHOUTENFashionWomen's ApparelBottomsDenim PantsFull-length Pants

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