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Vendor Profile

Neowing Corporation LifeStyle division

Address #3F JLbuilding 1-10-15 Nihonbashi-Horidomecyo Cyuouku Tokyo, JAPAN ZIP:103-0012
Representative Name FUMIO KATAGIRI
Annual Revenue JPY 3,600,000,000
No. of Employees 50
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Cute cat lunch box.

Food container can be used as a storage container. Nested type

SD item code:6830451

Detail Price & Quantity
Nekotto Round Lunch Box 2-tier ONWR1
ねこっと 丸型ランチボックス2段 ONWR1
(ONWR1) JAN:SU423154

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4 pcs /set In Stock
Cat Food Container RFC2S
ねこっと フードコンテナー RFC2S
(RFC2S) JAN:SU426858

Wholesale Price: Members Only

3 pcs /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2019/5/5
ONWR1:Size:W11.7 x D10.6 x H9cm Capacity:Upper=230ml Lower=270ml Weight:Approx. 132g RFC2S=S:230ml M 400ml S diameter 96x62mm M diameter 112x70mm
LRT3=Top 140ml Middle 140ml Bottom 200ml Diameter 80x180mm
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: plastic


Cute cat lunch box.

Food container can be used as a storage container. Nested type


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Neowing Corporation LifeStyle divisionDaily NecessitiesPlates & Utensils/Kitchen ProductsBento (Lunch Box) ProductsBento (Lunch Boxes)

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*Image reproduction prohibited
*Image reproduction prohibited