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Vendor Profile

Address 1-1311 Konosu Nagoyashitempakuku Aichi, JAPAN ZIP:468-0003
Representative Name HIROSHI MORIKAMI
Annual Revenue closed
No. of Employees 20
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[TONGARI MITTEN, Pontoon Mittens]

Easy to use when holding enameled pots and pans,

They are also cute when stacked on top of each other.

SD item code:7615079

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Item added on: 2019/12/19
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Linen, cotton, etc.
Package: Individual bag
Year of manufacture: 2023
Product tag: Attached


[TONGARI MITTEN, Pontoon Mittens]

Easy to use when holding enameled pots and pans,

They are also cute when stacked on top of each other.


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Vender Profile
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