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Address 1-9-41 Uriwari Osakashihiranoku Osaka, JAPAN ZIP:547-0024
Representative Name TERUHISA TANAKA
Annual Revenue closed
No. of Employees 20
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[New Year's decoration]
[Made to order]
[Production in Japan]

2021 new work

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SD item code:9734700

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Mini modern gate Pine

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Item added on: 2021/9/6
H18x W13cm
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Polyester
Year of manufacture: 2021


[New Year's decoration]
[Made to order]
[Production in Japan]

2021 new work

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Sea Mail From Jan.4th to Mar.11th
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EMS From Dec.16th to Dec.21st
Pantos Express From Dec.20th to Dec.23rd
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* Small lots may increase depending on the product weight and size *
* We cannot respond to requests for small lots *

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