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Anime "Chainsaw Man" Plush Doll 15cm
Plush dolls from the popular Chainsaw Man are now available!
Total of 5 kinds of cute

SD item code:10944062

Detail Price & Quantity
Denji 30 pcs.
デンジ 30個

Wholesale Price: Members Only

30 pcs /set In Stock
Aki Hayakawa 30 pcs.
早川アキ 30個

Wholesale Price: Members Only

30 pcs /set In Stock
Makima 30 pcs.
マキマ 30個

Wholesale Price: Members Only

30 pcs /set In Stock
Assorted (in units of 10) (*) 30 pcs.
おまかせアソート(10個単位)(注★) 30個

Wholesale Price: Members Only

30 pcs /set In Stock
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Item added on: 2022/11/22
*Size:15cm high
*Kinds:5 kinds & 5 kinds AS
*Remarks:OPP bag + tag

Note: *About the "Omakase Assortment"...
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Please note that we may not be able to meet your request due to stock availability.
*Please note that the assortment may be uneven depending on the product.
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: *Material: Polyester


Anime "Chainsaw Man" Plush Doll 15cm
Plush dolls from the popular Chainsaw Man are now available!
Total of 5 kinds of cute


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*Image reproduction prohibited